Aria, a new browser AI from Opera, has been incorporated into the Opera browser. With its innovative browsing interface, Aria uses AI to boost users’ creativity and productivity. Aria is built on Opera’s “Composer” architecture and linked to OpenAI’s GPT technology. It is intended to work with users to generate text or code, search for information, and respond to product-related queries. The launch is a component of Opera’s larger plan to add generative AI capabilities to its browsers.

💻 Aria is built into the Opera browser
🤖 Aria is built on Opera’s “Composer” infrastructure and is connected to OpenAI’s GPT technology.
🌐 Aria provides live results from the web and can answer queries based on Opera’s database of support documentation.
📱 Users can access Aria through the latest versions of Opera One (developer version) on desktop and the Opera for Android beta version.


Opera Aria