ChatGPT is building an incredible resume of certifications and accomplishments. It has been applied to a variety of tasks, such as text production, conversational bots, and language translation. Due to ChatGPT’s awesome popularity, a lot of businesses and individuals are searching for opportunities to show off their technical prowess.

Trying to stay abreast of the growing number of tests and certifications that ChatGPT has passed is difficult. So I started this list in order to keep track of them all.

To address this demand, numerous exams and certifications that assess a person’s knowledge of and proficiency with using ChatGPT have been produced. These exams and certifications are made to assess a person’s knowledge of the technology as well as their capacity to use it in practical settings.

On the Ai fornt, these tests include the NLP Master certification from the Natural Language Processing Society, the Google Cloud AI Language certification, and the OpenAI GPT-3 certification.

But here now, the real world list of tests it has passed:

ChatGPT has passed: