The latest developments regarding Anthropic’s chatbot Claude include:

  • The launch of an iOS app for the chatbot that is available on the App Store and free to current Claude users. This allows users to sync their chat history, upload photos either from their device or taken in real-time using the app, enhancing brainstorming capabilities while interacting with Claude.
  • The introduction of a Team plan designed for businesses that want more extensive access without compromising data privacy. This is particularly important considering global concerns about security risks associated with GenAI technology. According to surveys conducted by GlobalData, over 50% of businesses have consistently expressed high concern regarding the security implications since May 2023.
  • The Team plan offers full access to Claude’s suite of GenAI tools (Opus, Sonnet, and Haiku) along with Pro features, which include early access to new updates and priority support during peak traffic times. Additionally, businesses will benefit from administrative capabilities to oversee user management and billing processes through provided admin tools.
  • Future plans by Anthropic include further collaboration tools for Team subscribers, such as adding citations to Claude’s responses for improved fact-checking and verification purposes.
  • The cost of the Team plan is set at $30 per month, with a minimum user requirement of five individuals per subscription.

These updates highlight Anthropic’s commitment to enhancing their chatbot services while addressing security concerns and offering scalable solutions for businesses engaging in AI-driven processes.