• Jasper AI, writes. Emails, web content, blog posts, etc. (formerly Jarvis).
  • Rytr, Rytr is an AI writing assistant that helps you create high-quality content.
  • Do Not Pay, AI Lawyer.
  • Jenni AI, write an essay.
  • Notion, Note Taking.
  • Timely, Track Time.
  • Quillbot – Paraphrases and rewrites ai text to make imperceptible from AI detectors.
  • CopyAI, Helps write blog posts.
  • BuildAI interfaces in minutes. Enter the description of a text-based app, and they will build it.
  • Fluttr.dev, build apps for any screen.
  • Webflow, build a website.
  • Chatsonic, by WriteSonic = voice driven ChatGPT that can search the internet.
  • Otter.ai, Generates notes and summaries of your video meetings.
  • Frase.io, Content Optimization
  • SurferSEO, SEO Workflow

Video & Image

  • Kartiv.com, uses whatever you type into to edit images.
  • Pictory.ai, AI Captioning.
  • Tome, 3D PowerPoint and slide creation.
  • MidJourney, Generate art from text.
  • RunWayMl.com, AI Video editor that allows you to delete items in a video, greenscreen remove a background, and motion track a subject in a video.
  • Palette.fm, Lets you take any black and white photo and colorize it.
  • Riffusion.com, type in something and make music.
  • Fliki

Prompt Search

Music, Audio and Sound

Browser Extensions

Directories of AI Services and Link lists