Microsoft has announced the latest iteration of Edge and Bing, both powered by AI and aimed at revolutionizing the search process. Important improvements and features include:

  • Open Preview: Bing is currently available for use by anyone, with no waiting list.
  • Richer, more visual search results are now available on Bing, including graphs and charts.
  • Microsoft Edge has been redesigned, and the browser’s user interface has been improved.
  • Multimodal capabilities: Users will be able to post photographs and search the web for relevant content thanks to the integration of visual search in chat.
  • Features that increase productivity include the ability to export, share, and keep track of chat history.
  • Better document summarization: Microsoft Edge’s chat feature will be able to summarize lengthy documents more effectively.
  • Edge actions: People will be able to employ AI to finish activities in a shorter amount of time.
  • Third-party plugins: For job completion, Bing Chat will incorporate third-party plugins like OpenTable and Wolfram|Alpha.
  • Microsoft continues to give ethical AI top priority as it develops Edge and Bing.
  • During its Build event later this month, Microsoft will provide additional information about these updates.

Bing Chat AI to get actions, plugins, history, video features