FUNiX Online Education has organised a competition for students to share their thoughts on the usefulness of ChatGPT in learning.

FUNiX launches competition on ChatGPT in education

FUNiX Online Education is hosting a competition from March 16 to 31, inviting students to share their opinions on ChatGPT’s usefulness in learning. Open to past and present FUNiX students and those from other institutions, participants can submit their ideas in various formats and languages. ChatGPT, developed by OpenAI, has gained popularity in education as a tool that can transform learning. FUNiX Online Education provides all students with access to ChatGPT’s premium version, integrating it into their student support system. According to FUNiX CEO Le Minh Duc, ChatGPT has already answered over 50,000 IT-related questions from students.