Google may no longer be able to sustain their dominance in the market given the current state of AI technology and improvements in content development. The quality and capabilities of AI content are projected to significantly improve as a result of the upcoming introduction of a large number of high-quality AI transformers and the prediction that in a few months, AI-generated material will surpass that produced by humans. Additionally, AI businesses are already working on ways to adapt tone, skill level, and intention while also customizing material for particular audiences. The large number of novels that are currently accessible on Amazon that were authored by AI are another example of the proliferation of AI-generated material.

The Status Quo:

  • There are dozens of high quality AI transformers coming online in the next few years.
  • AI written content is going to surpass 100% human generated very quickly (12-24months?).
  • The quality level is going to increase rapidly.
  • The AI companies are preparing mods to address, ‘age, tone, intention, skill level, audience level’.
  • There are hundreds of books now on amazon by AI’s.

And where are we today with ChatGPT?

A list of all the certifications ChatGPT has passed:

Given these details, it might be argued that Google is being dishonest and possibly even anti-competitive by talking about the possibilities of AI content at this time. It’s fair that they might be worried about the future of their position in the business, but it’s crucial to keep in mind that, as long as AI-generated material benefits readers, it shouldn’t matter where it originates from. It is important to investigate whether the stuff we are viewing on the web is actually generated by AI as we continue to do so. Google and other well-established firms may no longer control the majority of the web’s future.