Anthropic, a firm conducting AI research, plans to fund up to $5 billion over the next two years in order to compete with OpenAI and break into more than a dozen important markets. Anthropic intends to create a “frontier model” known as “Claude-Next,” which will be 10 times more capable than the strongest AI currently available. Over the next 18 months, $1 billion will need to be spent on this development. At a $4.1 billion valuation, the company’s Series C financing round is aiming to raise $300 million. With the help of Anthropic’s “constitutional AI” training method, the frontier model will be able to carry out a variety of duties, including responding to emails, doing research, and creating art. The finest AI models, according to the business, will be so far ahead by 2025–2026 that it will be impossible for others to catch up.