ChatGPT Passed recruiters

According to a study, a consultancy firm selected a job application created by OpenAI’s chatbot ChatGPT for an interview after scoring far higher than many of the actual applicants.

In order to determine whether his hiring staff and software could recognize an application created by ChatGPT, Neil Taylor, the founder of the communications consultant firm Schwa, put them to the test. He told Sky News that they had been completely duped.

An application for a job made by the language model ChatGPT reportedly deceived hiring managers and was seen by more than 80% of human applicants, according to a recent research. In light of this discovery, discussions have taken place regarding the potential effects of implementing AI in the hiring process as well as the possibilities of language models like ChatGPT.

The degree of information and language proficiency in the job application, which was submitted for a customer service role at an unidentified company, apparently astounded recruiters. The article claims that after passing a preliminary screening process, the application was selected to participate in an interview alongside a group of human candidates.

These findings highlight the expanding influence of language models like ChatGPT, which have a high level of accuracy in their understanding and replication of human language. Concerns are also expressed about the potential for AI to replace human workers if it is used to automate some elements in the hiring process.

While there may be some benefits to employing AI in the employment process, such as the speedy screening of many applications, it’s important to consider any potential risks as well. It is imperative to remember that artificial intelligence (AI) models like ChatGPT can only perform as well as the data they were trained on, which may not necessarily match the intricacy of a task in the real world or the human abilities required to complete it.

The rising capabilities of AI language models and potential effects of their use in the hiring process are highlighted in this paper’s conclusion. Despite the fact that these models might be able to precisely replicate human language, it’s crucial to consider the consequences and ensure that employing AI in the hiring process is done with the appropriate level of oversight and ethical issues.