According to code that 9to5Google was able to access, the Bard AI will soon be available on Android, complete with a homescreen widget. Whether Bard will debut as a standalone app or be incorporated into the Google Search app is unknown at this time. Both scenarios would represent a much-needed improvement over its current web-only accessibility.

Even while it’s not yet known what the homescreen widget will do, we do know that it shouldn’t only act as a one-tap shortcut to starting a new discussion with Bard. We speculate that it might have suggested discussion starters that launch the relevant app.

It’s interesting to note that for the time being, this Bard widget will only be available on Google’s Pixel smartphones. Being a Pixel owner may soon enable you to skip the waiting, or possibly the waitlist will soon be lifted, given that Bard is still just in a limited preview.

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