Great thread by @nickfloats on many new features coming to MidJourney. The roll of most will be with the next major release – although it is clear from the MidJourney down time recently, that they are hard at work now on these features:

  • Inpainting
    Allows you to repaint part of an image (such as change hair color after image gen)

  • Outpainting (“zoom-out” feature)
    Paint on the outside – or expand – the image to a larger canvas.

  • Image to Text using /describe
    Drop in an image and MidJourney will create a prompt for it. (already active at times)

  • Higher Res Images (v6)
    Clearly there is a need for this one and we hope newer size formats as well. Featured image size?

  • Text Support (write words in images, v7/v8)
    Add text to images.

  • Mobile Experience
    Formatted better for phones.

  • Web UI (Bye Discord)
    (we can only pray)

  • Real-Time Drawing
    No one seems to know, but some are saying that you will be able to direct the image generation as it happens.

  • APIs for tool building
    Clearly a huge need for this. A plugin with ChatGPT would be killer of course.