Meq Launches Sparq Gen Ai Workforce Well Being Tool

1st Workforce Gen AI Well-Being Tool Enhances the Ability to Identify and Address Root Causes of Key Workforce
MassTLCArtificial Intelligence 3:07 am on May 23, 2024

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MeQ Launches sparQ Gen AI Workforce Well-Being Tool for enhanced employee well-being analysis and intervention strategies, leveraging meQ's extensive psychometric data. Join Mass Tech Leadership Council (MTLC) to access resources and networking opportunities.

  • Launch of sparQ Gen AI Workforce Tool: MeQ introduces a generative AI solution for workforce well-being analysis.
  • Insights into Employee Behavior and Performance: Utilizing billions of data points, sparQ identifies psychosocial risks affecting employee performance.
  • Personalized Interventions: The tool provides tailored recommendations to address individual well-being needs.
  • Mass Tech Leadership Council (MTLC): Membership connects tech companies with industry leaders and resources.
  • Interactive Events: Participate in various networking events and webinars through the MTLC calendar.

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