Sustainability 101: What Is a Resilient Ecosystem

Learn more about the role of resilient ecosystems and how it can help humans and nature navigate a changing climate.
Cisco Machine Learning Blog 12:05 am on May 23, 2024

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Cisco Foundation spearheads environmental sustainability through its Climate Impact and Regeneration initiative, aligning with global climate change efforts by investing in regenerative technologies and workforce development. The foundation supports various sectors for ecosystem resilience, including a partnership to aid drought-stricken pastoralists in Northeast Kenya.

  • Foundation's Climate Initiative: Aligning with global efforts through strategic investments.
  • Regenerative Focus: Emphasizing technology, workforce development for climate resilience.
  • Sector Collaboration: Engaging across Crisis Response, Critical Human Need, and more for ecosystem health.
  • Educational Impact: Supporting educational initiatives for effective climate action.
  • Global Partnerships: Collaborating with Mercy Corps to build resilience in communities like those affected by Northeast Kenya drought.

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