Why the Microsoft Copilot Launch Is Going Poorly

The launch of Microsoft Copilot is strugglingThe launch of Microsoft Copilot is struggling.
TechSpectiveArtificial Intelligence 5:44 pm on June 3, 2024

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Rob Enderle criticizes Microsoft Copilot's underfunding and poor marketing strategy as key reasons behind its subpar launch, citing historical examples of similar issues. The Surface product has been a particular problem due to inadequate support for OEM partners, leading to conflicts within the company.

  • Underfunded Marketing: Microsoft's Copilot launch is hindered by insufficient marketing investment.
  • Historical Precedents: Past product rollouts, like Zune and Surface, show repeated mistakes due to underfunding.
  • OEM Tensions: The lack of support for OEMs in Copilot's strategy could alienate key partners.
  • Product Focus on Productivity Over Decision Support: Current focus may not serve the broader need for better decision-making with AI.


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