What We Learned from a Year Of Building With Llms (part Ii)

O'Reilly Media AI & ML 12:24 am on June 3, 2024

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**Summary (under 100 words):** In "A Year of AI Engineering," various authors express gratitude for the collaborative efforts that led to a comprehensive exploration into Artificial Intelligence. Key contributors like Eugene, Bryan, Charles, Hamel & Jason, and Shreya were acknowledged. Their shared challenges and lessons enriched this resource, fostering community engagement in AI advancements. **Major Bullet Points:** ```html

  • Acknowledgment of team members' contributions
  • Collaboration for an expansive exploration into Artificial Intelligence
  • Citation of specific individuals for their unique roles in the project
  • Highlight on community involvement and shared experiences
  • Commitment to disseminating AI engineering lessons learned from various teams

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