Revolutionizing Education in South Australia: Strong Networks, Strong Learning

The South Australian Department for Education collaborates with Cisco Meraki to transform education statewide by
Cisco Machine Learning Blog 2:16 pm on May 30, 2024

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Cisco Blogs highlights South Australia's educational transformation via Cisco Meraki technology, improving network infrastructure for students and staff nationwide, with significant benefits in remote areas. This collaboration enhances operational efficiency and technological foundations, ensuring no child is left behind.

  • Partnership between South Australia's Department for Education and Cisco Meraki to modernize network infrastructure
  • Improved connectivity in remote schools across vast areas of the state, providing access to diverse online resources
  • ICT teams benefit from remote troubleshooting capabilities and real-time network data visibility
  • Enhanced operational efficiency allows for a focus on delivering quality education rather than infrastructure management
  • Cisco Meraki's commitment to connecting schools nationally ensures inclusive education opportunities

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