Outshift by Cisco Releases Motifics Ai Capabilities With the Power Of Mistral Ai Behind It

At Cisco Live 2024, Outshift by Cisco announces two major milestones - Motific's limited availability and a new
Cisco Machine Learning Blog 4:59 pm on June 5, 2024

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Paris-based Mistral AI by A partners with Motific to enhance GenAI solutions globally, prioritizing privacy and security. The integration allows users in Cisco's Motific platform to deploy models quickly for custom applications and services. This collaboration aligns with the company's values of trustworthy AI, diverse offerings, sustainability, and efficiency.

  • Mistral AI integration: Collaboration with Motific to simplify GenAI model deployment.
  • Trust in AI: Commitment to trustworthiness, privacy, and security in AI solutions.
  • Diverse offerings: Providing a range of models for various customer needs.
  • Sustainability & Efficiency: Supporting sustainable practices and optimized model efficiency.


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