Openais Latest Blunder Shows the Challenges Facing Chinese Ai Models

Finding high-quality data sets is tricky because of the way China's internet functions.
MIT Technology Review Artificial Intelligence 11:24 am on May 22, 2024

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MIT Technology Review discusses various tech issues, such as China's data scarcity impacting LLM training, governmental regulations influencing biotech research, and advancements in AI technology. The text also highlights trends like using raptors to deter birds at Beijing Capital International Airport and the development of hyperrealistic deepfakes by Synthesia.

  • China's Data Scarcity: Limited quality training data in China is a challenge for LLM advancements.
  • Regulatory Influence on Biotech: Beijing Capital International Airport employs raptors, indicating regulatory approaches to bird control; similar scrutiny may affect biotech research and AI development.
  • AI Advancements & Deepfake Technology: Synthesia's creation of a convincing deepfake sparks discussions on the potential impact of near-indistinguishable AI content.
  • Robotics and Skill Acquisition: Researchers teach robots new tasks using AI, expanding their capabilities for home use.
  • AI Ethical Considerations: The advances in technology raise concerns on distinguishing real from synthetic content and the implications of deepfakes.

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