Intel Vision: How the Ai Wave Could End the Wintel Age

Reflect on the past to shape the futureReflect on the past to shape the future.
TechSpectiveArtificial Intelligence 3:07 am on May 23, 2024

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The passage discusses the potential shift in AI and tech landscape as Microsoft/Intel faces challenges with marketing, adaptability to new models like Google's ChatGPT, and opportunities for competition. The evolution of PCs parallels this scenario, where innovative designs disrupted traditional models. Key takeaways:

  • "AI revolution" may lead to massive industry disruptions.
  • Microsoft and Intel struggle with marketing for AI advancements.
  • Competition could arise from new tech ventures, akin to historical technological shifts.
  • Previous failings in adapting to disruptive models highlight the need for proactive change management.
  • "AI-centric" devices challenge current PC designs and market expectations.

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