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Most Popular Best Computer Vision Applications in 2024Most Popular Best Computer Vision Applications in 2024.
USM Systems 5:16 pm on May 22, 2024

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Microtek Systems Inc., in collaboration with Merchants Bank of Kenya (MBK), launched an online banking platform, enhancing digital financial services for the MBK customers. The implementation utilized Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automate customer interactions and improve user experience, achieving a high adoption rate within two months after deployment.

  • Project Launch: Microtek Systems Inc. and Merchants Bank of Kenya collaborated to implement an AI-based online banking platform.
  • Adoption Rate: The digital customer retention portfolio saw a significant increase with over 85% adoption among MBK customers using the online services within two months post-deployment.
  • Customer Service Improvement: AI automation was used for initial customer interactions, leading to better user experience and enhanced service delivery.
  • Digital Transformation: The project exemplified a strategic approach in transforming the bank's digital presence through advanced technology integration.
  • Collaboration Benefits: The joint venture between Microtek Systems and MBK showcased how tech companies can drive innovative solutions for financial institutions, fostering growth and efficiency.

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