Aihub Monthly Digest: May 2024 Causality and Natural Language, Africlimate Ai, and Digital Twins for Smart Cities

AIhub 11:02 am on May 29, 2024

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April 2024 digest of AIHub news highlights causality in language and natural linguistic advancements, the African Climate Initiative (AfriClimate A), digital twins for smart cities, responsible AI. Interviews with experts on these topics were featured. The EU's Artificial Intelligence Act received final approval, while ICLR2024 and ICRA2024 concluded successfully.

  • Causality & Natural Language:
  • AfriClimate A's Vision:
  • Digital Twins for Smart Cities:
  • Responsible AI Discussions:
  • AI Act Approval & Major Conferences (ICLR2024, ICRA2024):

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